Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Eve Run

On the 23rd afternoon, after the kids went to bed and the wife decided to take a couple of hours with them I decided it was the perfect time to string my shoes and go out for a run.
At first i wanted to pick the car and go somewhere for a relaxing run in the woods (also because of the wave of cold that decided to hit our region), but then, also considering the duties and the limited time before we had to get ready to visit my parents I decided to start from home and head uphill.
So Christmas turned out to be the time for a course that I wanted to "explore" since a great deal of time. One mile km up and I reached the university campus that stands on the hills of Trieste, and then from there I kept running uphill to reach a very narrow "shortcut" that basically climbs the hill with no mercy to reach very top of the hill of Trieste. The road is the "infamously steep" Via dei Baiardi. A place that I like a lot and one of the many steep road that surround Trieste and indigenous people here loves. Actually it is also a very good place for living as You have a gorgeous view to the Bay and the city. After the Milano Marathon I did not really hit hard on any running session and from Jan 1st I will be training again for the next Marathon so I wanted to test myself and .. feel that pain that we, runners, seems to love so much.
I had to really slow the pace and pant and mumble but I made it. Once on the top I decided to keep running till the summit, but at that point the slope was muuuuuch less, As i reached the obelisk statue I turned 180 and headed back home, this time trying to push a bit and taking the less steepy and much longer route.
Overall 13 km that made me happy because once I looked at the split times I realized i was pretty progressive
Very happy about the run I arrived at home to have my two little creatures waking up and wanting to jump on me and pillow fight.

Now THIS is a wonderful way of celebrating Christmas !!

Cheers and enjoy life, Merry Christmas, to anyone who decides to run this clumsy lines written in bad english by a crazy italian


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