Friday, January 23, 2009

Following the schedule ..

Wow .. how nice to be able to write that things are progressing as per the scheduled program (lately it hardly happens to me)

Last week the three main (I mean the obligatory) training sessions have been completed as I should have done them and with some extra margin too (how uncommon). This means that the 10x400. This meant all the 10 repeats under the scheduled time, then the 12 km of the "medium run" .. i had to ran them in in 5:15 and I completed them in 5:04/km avg time. The long run on sunday was a 22km to run in 5:45/km, it became for me an unforgettable 21 km in the fog and in hilly woods at the avg time of 5:27/km

This week I luckily did not feel heavy from the past week and so I completed well the very feared 25min warming + 10x800. The first repeats were slightly above the scheduled time but rpt after rpt the time got better and from 5 to 10 i was solidly on time or below. Mid week I have run a "medium run" of 15 km. Again I had to run them at 5:15/km. I completed them with a smile at the avg time of 5:07/km and with the last three km below 5mins / km. On top of this the course was not flat and this makes me feel doubly happy. Now I let myself rest for 24 hours (maybe short runs or bike) and I am really looking forward for sundays long run - 26 km.

Next week is going to be quite tough as I am reaching the moment of maximum load .. we will see.

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